About The Lux.


Welcome to PeopleLux! The inclusive career well-being experience.

What is PeopleLux? It's confidential human resources career advice and objective professional coaching services on any career topic.

In the everyday workplace environment and for many reasons, people are simply not thriving or advancing in their careers. When asked, many do not understand the complex languages of employment, i.e. policies, procedures, review ratings, and some may not have clearly defined objectives.  

Often, and as industry data suggests, most people have a challenging relationship with their direct manager or leadership.  Regardless of the reason, in today’s dynamic workplace environment, people are looking for objective human resources counsel and professional career advice – they should have it. People want to secure their future, grow professionally, and take care of their families – they need help to do it.

After more than 30 years of combined corporate human resources expertise, we have created a solution that puts people first. A one stop shop technology and customized advisory service that de-codes HR for the everyday worker. We are enabling a better career and work experience: our approach to inclusive career well-being, called PeopleLux.  Many customers have already benefited from the early pilot deployment of PeopleLux and have seen exponential professional advancement and career growth.  

Need Confidential HR Advice? Now you can have it. Connect with us via chat or phone @ www.peoplelux.com | 855-999-7290